WPC Technologies to Exhibit at 2019 Western Coatings Symposium

By Brad Rateike

(Oak Creek, WI) – WPC Technologies, a leading manufacturer and developer of corrosion-inhibiting pigments and stain inhibitors, will exhibit at the 2019 Western Coatings Show.

“The Western Coatings Symposium has always been a great venue for our company to build relationships with potential customers,” said WPC CEO Brent St.John. “We value the significant educational and networking opportunities that come from having a presence at that event. We sincerely appreciate all the effort our team put into making this event a success.”

This year, the company will introduce their newest representative, “Patriot Girl”.

“We’re proud to be an American-owned company and thought showing our patriotism with our newest company representative was appropriate,” said St.John.

The 2019 Western Coatings Symposium is held every two years and runs from October 20-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It serves people and businesses that formulate and manufacture coatings in the United States and Canada.

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About WPC Technologies:

WPC Technologies is the leading American-owned manufacturer and developer of corrosion-inhibiting pigments and stain inhibitors, including strontium chromate. Since 1975, WPC (formerly Wayne Pigments) has provided the world’s paint and coatings industry with quality products for customers across the globe.

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